Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers [Updated List]

As a new truck driver who has successfully obtained a license it is important to get into the right company from the get go. Don’t be fooled by fake promises there are lots of good companies out there if you are willing to explore your options.

The definition of the “best” trucking company would differ depending on several factors that involve the driver’s preference. What he or she values the most would come into play, like salary, work hours, benefits, job security, etc. 

But to help truck drivers with their job search, we have compiled some of the trucking companies that are known to treat employees well and offer an array of benefits for newbie truck drivers. 

Please keep in mind that certain trucking jobs pay more and it could be a whole new list of companies for different categories. Check out different trucking jobs here.


When it comes to competitive salaries, regular salary increases, and a multitude of benefits, Barr-Nunn is definitely a company to consider. Their solid driver package sets a good and competitive example to other companies, which includes:

  • Safety bonuses everything 3 months that amount to $550 to $825
  • Paid vacation every 90 days
  • Regular salary increases and raises upon review

All these are definitely appealing to new and experienced drivers alike. In fact, the National Transportation Institute has recognized Barr-Nunn as a certified top-paying carrier for 14 straight years! 

H.O. Wolding, Inc. 

H.O. Wolding is a family-owned freight company, which is probably why they put great significance in caring for their employees.

Wolding has a solid reputation for treating its drivers well and many of their employees speak very highly of them. 

The company is dedicated to giving new drivers the opportunity to grow and prosper in their professional careers while being able to balance their financial goals with home-time needs.

Plus, the company offers a sign-on bonus of $2,000 and even reimburses up to $10,000 of tuition fees for new graduates. 

Crete Carriers

Crete Carriers is a privately-owned trucking company that has been in the business for over 52 years. This is thanks to their ability to manage their company and employees well, offering stable opportunities and perks.

Crete Carriers is known to treat their drivers fairly, offering them a competitive salary plus employee benefits. More so, they ensure that each truck driver has access to helpful resources that can aid them in fostering career growth.

In fact, any truck driver, whether employed in their company or not, can easily visit their website and gain access to a bunch of articles about driving tips, productivity, health, and fitness. 

If these resources are available to the general public and especially helpful for drivers, just imagine the learning opportunities they have for drivers who belong in their team. 

FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground is a new extension of the famous logistics company, FedEx. This division offers consumers with a faster and more convenient delivery option.

Aside from delivering quicker and more quality service to their customers, FedEx Ground also invests in its drivers.

They’re a great stepping stone for recent graduates who want to expand their horizons and build their careers.

The company eagerly takes in new CDL drivers and invests in their training and skills improvement. 

GP Transco

If a truck driver’s first priority is getting a high salary, their best choice is GP Transco. This trucking company ranks in third place in the list of highest paying trucking companies in the US and has one of the lowest driver turnover rates in the entire industry. 

These milestones can all be attributed to their practice of treating their drivers like their customers. They offer a variety of benefits, bonuses, high-end equipment, competitive pay, and overall, a friendly and tight-knit working environment. 

Nussbaum Transportation

Nussbaum drivers only have positive things to say about their employer, Nussbaum Transportation. This good relationship and reputation among truck drivers stem from the company’s values and ideals — they view their employees as the force that drives the company forward. 

As Nussbaum fosters relationships with clients, they also nurture more meaningful and purpose-driven relationships with their drivers. They offer a good starting salary, outstanding benefits, weekly home time, and more. The earning potential of Nussbaum drivers can reach up to $70,000 to $80,000 per year. 

Pride Transport Inc.

Working environment and relationships are also often on top of a new truck driver’s list when evaluating potential employers. If family-knit relationships are what a driver is after, they will enjoy being a part of the Pride Transport team. 

Pride Transport is a privately-owned trucking company run by a family of truck drivers. They provide immense support and treat members of their team with the utmost respect. These qualities are definitely appealing for those who want to be part of a team that grows together. 

Roehl Transport

It can get overwhelming being a new player in the vast trucking industry. There is yet a lot to learn and a ton of skills to develop in order to become an excellent driver. 

Roehl Transport supports the training and growth of its employees. In fact, they have a driving school that offers courses and training programs for new drivers. Plus, they offer a paid mentorship where new employees get to join seasoned drivers on shifts to get first-hand experience. 

Roehl also reimburses up to $6,000 in tuition and gives its drivers the highest salary possible. They have a strong benefits package that is sure to be appealing for trucking industry newbies. 

Swift Transportation Company

Swift Transportation Company is another organization that offers solid wages and benefits packages for their drivers — whether old or new. They cover important insurance premiums like healthcare, prescription medication, and dental care. 

While many trucking companies look for drivers with at least a few months of experience, Swift begs to differ. They do not require experience in the job as they have valuable training courses and help with CDL classes, tests, and covering tuition fees. 

US Express

US Express is a top-tier driving company in the US, having the second-largest fleet in the country. Despite their strong reputation and high milestones, the company is still very open to hiring new drivers and is even reported to recruit those still in driving school. 

US Express gives its recruits $7,000 to help pay for CDL classes and training. On top of that, they pay new drivers with a competitive salary and cover benefits and insurances.

Any new driver would be taken care of in US Express, as they get top-notch training and are offered one of the best wages in the trucking industry.

Now that truck drivers have a concrete list of companies to look into, it now depends on them to decide which team they will join.

There are a lot of trucking companies that offer great wages, cover benefits, and position their drivers for career growth. But ultimately, it all depends on what a new driver values the most when it comes to building a career in the industry.