Welcome To Trucking Ontario

Welcome to Trucking Ontario where you get the latest information about the trucking industry. We discuss topics both Canadian and American drivers face.

Whether you are a company driver. interested student. or owner operator you will get information that will help you succeed.

We provide company drivers and owner operators from North America the tools to succeed in a very competitive industry.

Why Do Trucking As A Career?

There are many paid cdl training courses and schools in your area. You may be pleased to know that it may cost you next to nothing to get started as a trucker.

Our guides will help you determine if you are a suitable candidate to join and start a full time driving job.

During the pandemic we are seeing a strong need for drivers to haul loads. You will be in big demand so why not learn the trade?

It may be a good idea for you to start a trucking career right now and earn a good living from the get-go.

Learn More About Freight Brokering

Freight brokers make above average money provided you are the right fit for the job. It is based purely on commission as its a sales job. You could get paid a salary but it may not be worth it.

Customer service is definitely needed in this field due to the high level of negotiation and interaction that is required. You may need courses and training to truly become a superstar in this field.

Learn more about freight brokering here.

Become A Truck Dispatcher

Truck dispatchers are needed to work with brokers. This job is fairly straight forward and require little to no training to get started.

Such a job is suitable for those who are into organizing and managing drivers. A high level of personal skill is needed to succeed in this field.

The sky is the limit with dispatchers they can make really excellent pay.